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Building a Web Message Board using Visual Studio 2008, Part I - The Basic Message Board

Message Board in Safari

Internet Magic (Proxy sever) windows application


Yahoo! Finance Managed


Database Helper v 2.0.0


Simple Magnifier

Screenshot - magSample1.jpg

.NET DUMeter clone

Sample Image - mydumeter.gif

Linux Todolist

Eee PC running Todolist

RSS Feed Link Reader


iTunes Style Music Browser using MSN Desktop Search API

Sample Image - MSNDesktopSearchQueryAPI.png

SVGPad - Application and class library for editing SVG documents.

Notes 2007

Version Test Application

Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 10- Research of epilepsy

AttractorAttractor equations


Elementary Math Game

Quick n' Dirty Alpha Mask Generator

Screenshot - screenshot.jpg

Custom Field in Crystal Report



A Professional Calendar-Agenda View That You Will Use

A C# based thumbnail viewer

JThumbnailView Demo project 



Simple ImageBrowser

A better way to select images for your ImageList


BizDraw framework for .NET

Sample image

RSS Reader

Sample Image - RssReader.gif

Detect Internet Network Availability

Neural Network OCR

LightBox Web Gallery Generator

Word Processor Based Upon an Extended RichTextBox Control

Screenshot - image001.jpg

Planet 3D (Alias GL Earth)

Sample Image - planet3d.jpg

Revisit the Game of Life while Learning about Extension Methods in C#


zeta HelpDesk

Main window of zeta HelpDesk, showing the current tasks tab

Mapping with a GPS and C#

EezeeScript- A simple embeddable scripting language for .NET

Screenshot - EezeeScript00.jpg

Blackjack - a real world OOD example

Mandelbrot Set with Smooth Drawing

Screenshot - capture_12042007_045304.png 

Gurux Data Refinery

refineryscreenshot.jpg - CMS framework based on XSLT and XML

An Application to Create Interesting and Fully Customizable Web Photo Gallery

How to Search and Find an Entity in MS CRM 3.0 

Screenshot - image003.jpg

A Web Content Monitoring Tool- Web Watch - Gas Price

Sample Image - webwatch_img.gif

Scalar Data Visualization Part 2

Sample Image - ScoOterVisualizationPart2.png

Scalar Data Visualization Part 3

Sample screenshot

Class for Adding Buttons, Menu Items and Explorer Bars to Internet Explorer

Sample Image - CorKatIEExtension.jpgSample image

2D and 3D Image histograms and 2D multistage entropy

Screenshot - Image_HistogramsJPG.jpg

Solving Paint-by-numbers puzzles in C#

Sample Image - hanjie.png

Plug-in Enabled Applications


digg API.NET - C# Implementation of digg Web Services

Screenshot - baileyrss01.jpg

Image Viewer User Control with Preview Capability

Yet Another Chess Board Control 

Game Of Life 2 Life Wars

Google Spider .NET

Nice Movie Cast (Text Scroller)

Sample Image - Movie_Cast.jpg

Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM

Sample Image

Late Bound ActiveX Loading [TamilFM]

Sample Image - TamilFM_Screen_Shot.jpg

PHP4Apps- PHP Scripting from your application

PHP Demo application

StateProto - Executing Multiple StateMachines


StateProto Beta - State Chart Designer for Qf4Net


Water Motion Simulation 

Screenshot - view.jpg

Zeta Uploader Windows Client

TypeLoader for .NET

Sample Image - typeloader.gif

RSS Feed Link Reader

Draw with Mouse

Screenshot - Article.jpg

AI - Dawkins Biomorphs - And other evolving creatures

Webpage thumbnailer

Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 2- Regression

The main form of the framework

The Universal Framework for Science and Engineering

The main form of the framework

Creating PDF Tables using C# (.NET 2.0) and iTextSharp

Screenshot - iTextSharpPdfTables.png

Line Counter - Writing a SharpDevelop Add-In

The myUML Project.

mart Broom as an Adaptive Autonomous Machine

Sample Image - Smart_Broom.jpg

Zeta .NET Base Libraries

Capturing Minimized Window- A Kid’s Trick

Screenshot - minimizedCapture.jpg

Application Trial Maker


Personal Wave Recorder


Conscript IDE- An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) implementation for the Conscript scripting language

Simple script with accompanying byte code 

The beauty of fractals - A simple fractal rendering program done in C#



Storing ECG to a PACS 

ECG Viewer provided by the C# ECG Toolkit

Crafting a C# Forms Editor from scratch

Sample Image - SharpFormEditorDemo.jpg

Packet Capture and Analayzer

Sample screenshot 

Windows 7- Taskbar Extension in Event in Time Application


The Paperless Desktop

Sample screenshot 

HtmlHelp library and example viewer

Table of contentsKeyword indexFulltext search

Window Tabifier

WebTester in C#

Sample Image - WebTester.jpg 





C#- Application to Browse and Read using RSS Feeds from your Desktop


OpenGL 3D Navigation2 With Tao and C# Tao.OpenGL, Tao.freeGlut, EP_OpenGL_CS02


Zoomer - Capture-Zoom-Add Filter-Choose Format-Save

Zoomer Screenshot

Fractal Tree and Flake Controls

Fractal Tree and Flakes 


Thumbsuck Introdutory Image

To Convert your Text or .txt File to Speech or AudioFile in .wav Format


Email Client Application by Implementing Our Own SMTP and POP3 protocols using C#


JavaScript Code Compressor

Sample Image - JSCodeCompressor.gif

A Simple Clock

Sample Image - clock.jpg

Simple countdown chronometer


MEFify an Applications

Web browser with C#


Scientific Calculator


how to program a windows standard calculator

Skype Smiley Sender

Screenshot - smileysender1.gif

An Application to Keep Track of Your Article Ratings Over Time

Click for full size screenshot

IIS Admin Base Object Wrapper for installing SSL Certificates


Band Objects - .NET 2.0 Redux

As Internet Explorer Toolbar

Remote Desktop using C#.NET

Using the WebBrowser control in .NET

100% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool

Conscript- An embeddable, compiled scripting language for .NET

NPC Scripts in the Dungeon of Despair demo game

WPF Philosophers

Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 6- Determination of orbits of artificial satellites

Artificial satellite trajectory

Process and Module Viewer - Amit Ranjan


Simulating Signal recovery


Sample Image - Net_framework.gif

Text to Braille Converter

Screenshot - braille.jpg

Using Find in a Generic List


Open Source QRCode Library

Screenshot - qrcode_app_decode.jpg

How to redirect Standard Input-Output of an application

Screenshot - ProcessStartDemo.png

Visual Studio Tools for Office 2008 Ribbon Designer with XLINQ for Yahoo

Screenshot - 2_-_Copy.jpg

Convert MP3 to EXE

Sample Image - maximum width is 600 pixels

Command Prompt Explorer Bar

BBuilder- Open Source Batch Builder

Screenshot - BBuilder1.png

Using DLL Component as Embedded Resource (Using Reflection)

Sample screenshot

Internal Site Search Engine - CodeProject

Sample Image

Reversi in C# - CodeProject

Sample Image - Reversi.gif

Tile Editor Control


Integrating MapPoint in your .NET applications

Earth Map in C#

Reverse Geocoding with C# and MapPoint 2009

Wallpaper Changer

Small and easy bug report system 


Collision Finder

Sample Image

C# Space Invaders using WinForms Objects


Graphic Calculator


Manage Data in a WinForms Application (without the Database)



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