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Create a Recent File List Menu and Save to File


Putting Images Next To MenuItems In A Menu in C#

Sample Image - figure2.gif 

MenuDecorator - Helper Class to Diagnose your Main Menu Contents

Screenshot 1

Customizable MainMenu on C#

Sample Image

Make a -Search Google For- Context Menu


Office 2007 ToolStrip Renderer

Sample Image 

Groupable ToolStripMenuItems

Screenshot - groupabletoolstripmenuitems.jpg

Flat-style menu bar and popup menu control for WinForms


Switching language of Menu using C# and XML

Sample ImageSample Image 

Populating Menu Control in ASP.NET 2.0 - using different data sources


ActionMenuStrip-T--OptionMenuStrip-T-- Generic MenuStrips Configured by an Enum T

Sample Image 

A Pretty Good Menu Cloner


ButtonMenu - a.k.a. A Simple Hack For A Nice GUI

Sample Image - ButtonMenu.jpg

FileSelect - Hassle Free Implementation of the File Menu


A Magical Edit Menu Manager

MenuEx - full image and color support for Windows Forms Menus using C# 

MenuSuite screen capture

MenuItem Extender - add images and font support to your menu

Sample menu with XP theme applied

An XML-Driven Menu Strip

Screenshot - XMLDrivenMenuMain.jpg 

Office 2003 Menus

Iconized MenuItem

Sample Image - wpm_ss.gif 

Display any usercontrol as a popup menu

Most Recently Used (MRU) Component

Sample Image - MRUHandler1.jpg

Add User Shortcuts To Files-URLs to Application Menus

Sample Image - screen0.jpg 

Almost Office2003 - Getting rid of the margin in MenuItems


MRU Menu Class

Sample Image - mruDemo.jpg 

Create Visio Add-on VSL project with Toolbar, Menu and Command Handler

Upgrading from MainMenu and ToolBar to MenuStrip and ToolStrip

Sample Image - ToolStripEx.jpg

A simple PerformanceCounter StatusStripItem

Screenshot - PerformanceCounterStatusItem.gif

An easy way to add a Ribbon Panel Office 2007 style

Screenshot - overview.jpg 

Fully customizable Menu-, Tool-, ContextMenu-, and Status strips


Wobbly Menu - An Inspiration from iPhone




Vista Style Address Bar for .NET 2.0-WinForms


Toolbar control

Navigation Menu for Windows forms (Outlook bar style)

Screenshot - scrnshot.jpg 

Rebar Control Wrapper in C#

Sample Image - rebarcontrol.jpg 

Print Preview Control Bar

Print Bar Screenshot 

ToolStrip Custom Renderers 

Sample image 

Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu Class for .NET 2.0 in C#



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